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Plantronics Software: Basics

PURE stands for Plantronics Unified Runtime Engine. It is the next generation Plantronics software and replaces PerSonoCall and PerSono Suite. PURE enables two headset features with compatible softphones:

  • Ring detection
  • Call answer/end

PURE also provides the ability to enable/monitor/manage softphone and multimedia applications (click here to view a list of PURE compatible softphones):

  • Automatic support for industry standard softphones and UC voice clients
  • Remotely answer/end calls from the PC with the headset (requires use of supported softphone)
  • Quickly access links to product support and software/firmware upgrade information
  • Configure your headset to answer an incoming call simply by putting the headset on
  • Enhanced call status reporting is available for Microsoft Office Communicator, Microsoft Lync 2010 and Skype
  • Control Panel (optional for the advanced User or IT professional)
  • Customize your headset and USB adapter settings to your personal preferences
  • Automatically manage your PC multimedia so you never miss a call

Note: PURE does not have a system tray icon. You can launch the PURE Control Panel from your Windows Programs list (click Start > Programs).

Compatibility is required for a headset to work with PURE. Compatibility is defined as the ability of a headset feature to function as designed. Full compatibility breaks down into hardware and software components:

Hardware Compatibility

  • Between headset and adapter (USB or analog).
  • Between adapter and computer.

Software Compatibility

  • Between Plantronics software and computer operating system.
  • Between Plantronics software and audio application.
  • Between audio application and operating system.

PURE is compatible with the Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. It is not compatible with Mac. Any of the above incompatibilities can 'break' the headset functionality with PURE.

To Install PURE:

Step 1. Install PURE

Install PURE from disk or download. Note: PURE only installs over PerSonoCall/Suite versions 1.1 and above. Earlier versions require manual uninstall to upgrade to PURE.

Step 2. Set Up the Softphone Application

  1. Install a compatible softphone. Click here to view softphones compatible with PURE.
  2. In the softphone application, select the Plantronics headset as the default audio device. 
  3. Open the Plantronics Control Panel. From the Start menu, point to Programs, then Plantronics, and then click Plantronics Control Panel.
  4. The Devices tab lists compatible Plantronics headsets which are installed in the computer:
  5. The Applications tab lists compatible audio applications which are enabled and running:
  6. The Preferences tab allows for media player and soft phone audio/link management:
  7. The About tab provides support links and lists software/firmware versions:

Plantronics Update Manager

You can update all required software for the Voyager Pro UC if and when updates are available. Start Plantronics Update Manager from Windows Start Programs menu to change settings such as automatic or manual check for updates.

To Access the Plantronics Update Manager: From the Start menu, click Programs, then Plantronics, and then click Plantronics Update Manager.

To Check for Updates Automatically: Check the Check for updates automatically box. By enabling this check box, you activate a periodic automatic check for available software updates.

To Check for Updates Manually: You can check for available software updates at any time by clicking the Check for Updates Now button in Update Manager.

To Install Updates: After an automatic or manual check for updates, click the Install Checked Updates button to install the update.

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