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Definition: Headset Terminology

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QUICK DISCONNECT™ Found halfway down your headset cable, it allows you to walk away from your desk without removing your headset. To use, hold either side of the QD and pull firmly apart. Do not twist or snap the QD, as this will eventually result in damage. Please use the QD and not the plug into your telephone – as it is specifically designed for repeat disconnection. CABLE CLIP A clip is provided to keep your cable tidy and prevent it trailing on the floor. MICROPHONE POSITIONING The perfect position for your microphone is two fingers width from the corner of your mouth, for both voice tube (VT) and noise-cancelling (NC) headsets. For NC headsets, also check that the microphone is the right way round – the moulded bump or seven dots should be facing your mouth. Call a colleague to check they can hear you well before going live. headset care and maintenance. VOLUME CONTROL Amplifiers: turn down the volume on your telephone to a low setting, and use the volume control on your amplifier. If the volume is turned up on both pieces of equipment, it can cause an echo. Without an amplifier: your volume controls are situated on your console or telephone, and can be adjusted as needed. Do not continually use high volumes. CLOTHING CLIP Your headset has a clothing clip on its cable – use this to keep your headset in place and to remove the weight of the cord from your ear. TONE CONTROL Plantronics Encore® headset family feature a unique tone control on the earpiece, which allows you to change the tone of your callers’ voice. HEADSET BAG Your headset is supplied with its own bag – use this to put it away at the end of the day – it will stop the cable getting damaged and becoming crackly.

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