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Polaris ( P Series) Product Information

The Polaris ("P" Series) line of headsets look and fit like the standard "H" series; however, they do not require an amplifier. Instead, the Polaris headsets plug into the "headset" port of your telephone. They also come with a Quick Disconnect (QD)-to-modular plug cable. Note that the Polaris headsets will only work with telephones that have a dedicated headset port with built-in amplifier.

General Information

  • Click here for information about purchasing spares and accessories
  • Click here to find the date code location for these headsets
  • Warranty Information
  • Status: Obsolete; use additional adapter A10 between connection lead and headset

Difference Between the "H" and "P" Model

There are 2 ways to tell the difference between the H and P models:

  1. The date code usually starts with the letter "P" on Polaris headsets.
  2. The cable on Polaris headsets has a gray modular plug rather than the clear plug found on the "H" series.

The following headset models were available in both "H" and Polaris versions:

  • Encore
  • Tristar
  • Supra
  • Supra Plus
  • Mirage
  • DuoSet
  • DuoPro

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