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SupraPlus Product Information

SupraPlus and SupraPlus SL family

Product Features

  • Enhanced audio for greater listening accuracy Supports most Plantronics amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters
  • Designed for the most demanding environments
  • Quick Disconnectfeature for added freedom
  • Silver (silver color) additionally includes leatherette ear cushions, adhesive cord clip, and Plantronics logo carrying pouch

The SupraPlus family comes in two colors (black and silver) and four styles:

Part Number/Models:


  • H251 (P/N 36828-01) - monoral voice tube
  • H251N (P/N 36832-01) - monoral noice canceling
  • H261 (P/N 36830-01) - binoral voice tube
  • H261N (P/N 36834-01) - binoral noice canceling


  • H351 (P/N 36828-02) - silver monoral voice tube
  • H351N (P/N 36832-02) - silver monoral noice canceling
  • H361 (P/N 36830-02) - silver binoral voice tube
  • H361N (P/N 36834-02) - binoral noice canceling

SupraPlus Wideband Family

Product Features

  • Wideband Technology
  • Quick Disconnect feature for added freedom
  • Supports all amplifiers and USB-to-headset adapters with a QD connection

Part Numbers

  • HW251 Monoral (one ear) voice tube - 39811-01
  • HW251N Monaural (one ear) - 75100-07
  • HW261 Binaural (both ears) voice tube - 39813-01
  • HW261N Binaural (both ears) - 75101-07

General Information

  • Click here or here for information about purchasing spares and accessories
  • Date Code location
  • Warranty: Two years from date of purchase in EMEA

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