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Cables: A10-16 Cable Product Information


A10-16 Cable Product Information
The A10 cable (a.k.a. A10-16) can be used with any H-series headset to connect directly into a phone's headset port.  When the A10 cable is used, no other amplifier is required.

Part Numbers

  • A10-16 - 66268-01 - US & Canada
  • *A10-12 - 66267-05 - Europe, Australia & New Zealand*
Using an A10 cable with an  H top will amplifiy transmit volume, but it will not provide any receive gain. The receive volume is controlled by the telephone. 
Click Here to learn more about the A10 cable.
Note: The A10-12 cable (PN 66267-01) has a louder transmit (by 6 db) than the A10-16 cable.  The A10-12 is designed primarily for use in Europe, New Zealand & Australia and may cause echoes on North American phones.



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