Cables: Y-Training cord information (27019-03)

Article ID : 000001574
Yes. "Y" Training Adapter The Y training cable allows you to connect two headsets with QD (Quick Disconnect) connections to one phone.  It also includes a mute switch which allows you to mute either headset.  This adapter is compatible with the following products:
  • QD amplifiers, such as the M12, M10, M22, MX10, M12 LUCM, A20, and S20
  • Polaris headsets
  • DA series  adapters (for USB ports)
  • Avaya/Lucent HIC and HIP cables
It is not compatible with the S12 or any cordless/wireless products.  (A CA10 with a 2.5mm to QD adapter cable is the only exception.) The part number for the Y training adapter is 27019-03.  There are 2 versions of the Y training adapter. The difference is the version and shape of the QD lock.  27019-03 has 62976-01 - Latest version of the Quick Disconnect (QD) lock 27019-01 had 29733-01 - Older version of QD lock If you have the older style of  QD  connection (which has a flat edge rather than a semi-circle at the end), then we regret that your Y training cord has been discontinued and is no longer available.   

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