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Spokes Known Issue with MDA200: No call control if connected to a PC and another device


If an MDA200 is connected to a PC, and then another device is connected to a different USB port on the same PC, call control and functionality overall are lost.


Spokes only supports one active device at a time, as determined by whichever device is attached first; if an MDA200 (which does not have call control) is connected first to a PC, then it will be the active device, and additional devices attached subsequently will not be able to perform call control.


Disconnect all Plantronics devices, and then reattach the device on which call control is desired.

Affected Operating System(s)

All versions of Windows

Affected Software Application(s)

All versions of Spokes with any Spokes-supported softphone

Affected Hardware

MDA200 with any other Plantronics device supported by Spokes (refer to the Spokes Install Notes).

Date Raised

20 August 2012

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