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Computer USB Headset Troubleshooting: No Mute on USB PC Headset

Article ID : 000006706


Why isn't the mute button on my computer headset working?


Probable Causes:
  1. The USB port that the headset is plugged into may not be providing enough power rendering the mute switch inactive.
  2. Possible Human Interface Device conflict or missing drivers.
Possible Solution(s):
  1. Disconnect the headset, and then reconnect it to see if this reactivates the mute switch. If so, then you might have insufficient USB power.
  2. Go to "Device Manager" (instructions below) and look for Human Interface Device. Make sure there are no conflicts on the HID Compliant Consumer Control Device or the USB Human Interface Device.
If you have other USB devices, these drivers could be listed more than once. If there are any conflicts, make sure that they are in reference to your DSP headset, and then attempt to update those drivers. You might need to reinsert your operating system CD so that the headset can find these drivers. Detailed instructions are listed below. Drivers (NO Drivers are needed for a Mac computer) There are five drivers needed to run the DSP headsets. Four of these drivers are from the Windows operating systems and one is from the PerSono software if you have it installed on your computer. These drivers are located in the Device Manager. To get to the Device Manager: For Windows 2000, XP, and Vista:
  1. Click on Start then Control Panel.
  2. In the Control Panel click on System.
  3. In the System Properties window click on the Hardware tab
  4. Finally click on the Device Manager Button.
The Windows drivers in the Device Manager are as follows, the bolded headings are listed in alphabetical order: Human Interface Devices: (Click on the + sign to the left of this):
  • HID Compliant Consumer Control Device
  • USB Human Interface Device
Sound Video and Game Controllers: (Click on the + sign to the left of this):
  • USB Audio Device
Universal Serial Bus controllers: (Click on the + sign to the left of this):
  • USB Composite device
  • Plantronics USB Bulk Driver or Plantronics USB Audio Adapter.

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