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SupraPlus Wireless CS351/CS361 Troubleshooting: No Lights


I have no lights on my SupraPlus wireless system.  What should I do?


First make sure the a/c adapter cable is securely plugged into the proper port on the bottom of the charging base.


If the unit is plugged into a power strip, make sure the power strip is switched on and working properly.


Try another outlet. 


If you still do not have any lights on the base, try the a/c adapter from someone else’s wireless Plantronics unit if available. This will tell us if the whole unit has failed or just the a/c adapter.


If it appears the entire unit has failed, contact the distributor that you purchased it from for a replacement. If it has surpassed their warranty, you can contact Plantronics for further support


Click here for Installation Instructions.