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DM15 VistaPlus Troubleshooting: I hear my own voice in my headset at a level higher than I like

Article ID : 000006749


I always hear my own voice in my headset at a level higher than I like?


This is called Sidetone and is higher on headsets that have an amplifier compared to direct connect headsets. The sidetone can be reduced however by:
  • Check that the person on the other end of the phone can hear your voice at similar level to when you use the handset. If louder when using headset, reduce the transmit gain on the bottom of the VistaPlus by sliding it left. You should check the far-end listener can still hear you well.
  • Once the transmit level is set correctly, sidetone can be further reduced by decreasing the receive volume on the telephone slightly (adjust the phone, not the VistaPlus).

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