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Voyager 510 System Troubleshooting: Callers Can't Hear

Article ID : 000006584


Callers cannot hear me on the Voyager 510S. What should I do?


This could be caused by a number of things.  Please check the following:
  • Check the 510S Users Guide to make sure the unit has been installed correctly.
  • Make sure the mute switch is not on. (This is the small black button on the headset itself; when the mute is on you will hear periodic beeps.)
  • Make sure that your speaking volume level is adjusted correctly. (This is located on the back of the charging base.  1 is the loudest and 4 is the softest).
  • Check the configuration setting (round dial on the left side of the base). Try other configuration dial settings on the base unit.
Click here to visit our fully illustrated, interactive Voyager guide.    

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