The mobile field guide:
How to survive and thrive
in the mobile ecosystem

Collaboration means working effectively with others to get the job done. Mobile collaboration also means working together—just not face-to-face. It means integrating technology to change how and where you can work. Connecting with the right coworkers at the right moment. And communicating with anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

When you have the right tools and the right processes, mobile collaboration can drive innovation like no other enterprise initiative. This is your guide to make it happen.

of the enterprise
workforce surveyed
identify mobility as a
significant part of their
work style1

work in a culture that
embraces flexible
working and mobility2

work in a bring
your own device
(BYOD) culture2

Despite the broad acceptance of this new working culture, different people have different roles, work styles, and preferences. Increasingly, however, they share a need to work on the go, outside the office. Our research has found that mobile workers fall into three distinct groups: Road Warriors, Flex Workers, and Connected Executives. Here, we look at each group and the challenges they face when working in motion.

The Road Warrior

Always on the go. Constantly in motion.
Needs to connect from anywhere.

of the enterprise workforce
consists of Road Warriors1

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can make a difference when
connecting from anywhere

The Flex Worker

Always adjusting to different environments.
In a state of constant change.

of the enterprise workforce
consists of Flex Workers1

Try the Savi 400 Series
for the Flex Worker

The Connected Executive

A critical decision-maker. Goes wherever
needed to solve problems.

of the enterprise workforce
consists of Connected Executives1

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is ideal for the Connected Executive's
changing environments

Along with the right tools, mastering mobile collaboration requires planning and communication skills for success

These 5 essential tips will help
you overcome the challenges of
working remotely.

Getting into these 7 habits will
help increase your productivity.

Empower your mobile
workforce by implementing
these strategies.

1 Plantronics Persona Research, 2013.

2 Plantronics Mobile Collaboration Global Survey, 2016.