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Why are UC adoption rates low? Where deployment often comes to a halt is at the user level; a mere phone call now feels daunting. But we can restore confidence for users and simplify UC for you.


Where does adoption come to a halt? It’s in the last three feet, where your people need to hear and be heard.

10 key steps
for deploying voice

These ten steps and practical tips will help you streamline and simplify your UC audio deployment.

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In this e-book, we discuss the current UC adoption challenges and how to help overcome them with integrated, smart audio.

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When you turn it on, will they pick it up?

Plantronics drives adoption with smart, intuitive technology built for how your employees are working today.

Office Worker

Whether your office is quiet and traditional or a beehive of activity, we have a range of solutions that match every employee's working style.

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Mobile Worker

Our devices are designed with the mobile professional in mind, enabling rich audio connections no matter where they touch down.

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Virtual Worker

Now your home workers can stay connected and sound professional on every call and on every device they happen to use.

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UC that sounds like you mean it

We make the UC audio devices that provide compatibility with your UC platform. Ones that are simple for IT to deploy. Intuitive audio solutions that seamlessly integrate, and are built with innovation that drives adoption with your team. Get the guide

We simplify UC. With intuitive connections. Seamless integration with providers. And innovations that keep you ahead of next year, no matter how much the boundaries blur between work, play, and life. Talk to us about how Plantronics UC solutions can help make your deployment a success.

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Bring UC and Voice Together

Our free e-book covers:

  • The importance of voice in a UC strategy
  • How to get your users excited about UC
  • Boosting overall adoption
  • Staying ahead of obsolescence

UC Deployment Made Simple

Learn about:

  • Simplifying planning and logistics
  • Achieving flawless installation
  • Strategies for effective training
  • Tips to support rollout through evaluation

Get to the UC Lab

The UC lab was designed to make your deployment easier. Learn how we test multiple platforms, operating systems and apps in a real-world environment.


Talk to us

Plantronics UC experts are ready to answer your questions, and to help make your deployment a success. How can we help you?

Talk to us

Plantronics UC experts are ready to answer your questions, and to help make your deployment a success. How can we help you?