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About Plantronics

For over 50 years, Plantronics has been on the forefront of audio innovation; always driven by a single obsession: to remove the barriers to simple, clear communication. In 1969 the company helped make history when the first words spoken from the moon were transmitted over a Plantronics headset. Since then, Plantronics has helped advance communications technologies with its work on the lightweight headset, the mobile headset, noise-cancelling technology, the personal speakerphone, sensor-enabled devices, and WindSmart technology.

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Our Heritage

The result? Our products are used by everyone from pilots, astronauts, and 911 emergency workers to 100% of the Fortune 100. From friends conversing across the globe, to mobile professionals doing business on the road, to contact centers and executive offices, Plantronics is the choice for everyone united by digital technology and the human need to communicate.

Plantronics is a publicly held company (NYSE: PLT) headquartered in Santa Cruz, California with offices in 20 countries, including major facilities in China, England, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Our products are sold and supported through a worldwide network of Plantronics partners, including resellers, systems integrators, retailers and mobile carriers.

And a half a century later, we are striving every day to deliver simply smarter communications with innovative design and technology.

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Design Philosophy

Discover how Plantronics Design is shifting design paradigms by treating the human form as a canvas for inspiration and innovation.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation

For over 50 years we've helped people stay connected regardless of the device location, from the first man on the moon to pioneering the next generation of mobile communication solutions.


Global Citizenship

At Plantronics, Global Citizenship refers to the values of promoting environmental health, reducing our environmental footprint, and being a socially responsible citizen. Simply put, it’s about being good to our customers, our employees, our communities, and our planet.

Plantronics is dedicated to operating conscientiously in all areas of our business. This means creating positive change in everything we do: from helping to develop and strengthen the communities in which we operate; to creating a safe, healthy, and inclusive workplace; to helping our customers meet their Sustainability goals; to minimizing our carbon footprint, reducing electronic waste, and conserving resources.

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Fact Sheet

Plantronics offers one of the industry's most complete families of corded and wireless products for unified communications. Widely recognized for their sound quality, reliability and comfort, Plantronics' audio solutions help companies extend the benefits of IP communications throughout the extended enterprise, fostering better business communication and efficiency regardless of where professionals are working.

Plantronics has active and collaborative partnerships with the leading UC providers for enterprise, including Avaya, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft, as well as consumer VoIP providers to ensure seamless interoperability with our product portfolio.

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Plantronics was founded in 1961 in Santa Cruz, California.
Stock Symbol
Plantronics became a publicly traded company in 1994 and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol, PLT.
Plantronics has more than 3,000 employees worldwide with offices in more than 30 countries, with major hubs in The Netherlands, China, UK and Mexico.
  • Fiscal year 2015: $865 million
  • Fiscal year 2014: $819 million
  • Fiscal year 2013: $762 million
  • Fiscal year 2012: $713 million
  • Fiscal year 2011: $684 million
  • Fiscal year 2010: $614 million
  • Fiscal year 2009: $675 million
  • Fiscal year 2008: $748 million
  • Fiscal year 2007: $677 million
  • Fiscal year 2006: $630 million
World Headquarters

Plantronics, Inc.
345 Encinal Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Plantronics Executive Officers

Executive Team
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Our Heritage

It all began in a garage in 1961 when two airline pilots set out to invent an alternative to the conventional headsets of commercial aviation. The product Courtney Graham and Keith Larkin created in that tiny garage in Santa Cruz, California was more than just the world's first lightweight headset. It was the birth of a company called Plantronics, and the first of a half-century of breakthroughs in communications.

Plantronics first went into outer space when astronaut Wally Schirra chose to use the MS50 for the Mercury mission, adapting the lightweight model to fit inside his helmet.

Then we made history when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and uttered the legendary words: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" through a Plantronics headset.

Back on earth, we invented the first call center headset in 1983. Known as the StarSet Supra, it became so popular that within two years it represented half of all Plantronics sales, becoming the headset of choice in call centers around the world.

By the '90s, our products were busy transforming the business environment as office workers everywhere adopted Plantronics ultra-lightweight, in-the-ear models. Cordless, hands-free designs followed, allowing business executives the freedom to roam from their phones. And by century's end, we were perfecting headsets for multimedia, gaming and Internet telephony.

Since 2000, Plantronics has simply created one revolution after another, in call clarity, noise reduction and ingenious ergonomics. In 2005, it was the Discovery 640. Its sleek design and amazingly clear audio helped Bluetooth headsets go mainstream. And the epitome of design and headset technology launched in 2009 with the award-winning Voyager PRO.

It all began in a garage, and continues now in laboratories and sound chambers, the commitment, some would say obsession, unchanged: to innovate relentlessly and perfect sound, not in the name of technology, but simply in the name of communication.

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