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Customer Information

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Headset Application

Please specify the type, manufacturer, and model number of the equipment with which this headset is to be used.

Is a headset currently being used in this application?*

Please provide the headset manufacturer and model number.

Microphone Characteristics

Please specify whether you need a noise-canceling mic and then specify the type of mic (carbon-equivalent, electret, or dynamic) that you need for your application. Also, please indicate whether your application requires a push-to-talk switch.

Receiver Style

Receiver Configuration

Plantronics offers a variety of receiver configurations. Please specify your required receiver configuration below.


Please specify the manufacturer and manufacturer part number of the connector that you need on your headset. Also, please describe how the connector is wired by completing the table below.

Connector Wiring Specifications Headset Function Connector Pin Number ¹

¹ Depending on the connector, wiring is specified by referring to pin numbers (or letters) or connector parts (e.g., the tip, ring, and sleeve parts of a PJ-7 connector).

² Please specify transmitter polarity if applicable, e.g., in the case of an electret mic.

³ A second receiver would only be specified in the case of a dual-channel headset.

4 A jumper wire or resistor is sometimes required in the connector to signal the host equipment that a headset is connected. This scheme is also known as Automatic Device Detection (ADD).

Automatic Headset Detection

If you have specified above that your headset uses ADD 4, is this done with a resistor or a jumper wire?*

Cable Length
Miscellaneous Requirements
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