Working at Plantronics gives you the rare opportunity to make a difference, experience genuine respect, and feel valued and supported both personally and professionally. Friendly, caring and intelligent people thrive here and create a spirit of community that enriches their personal and work lives. Plantronics is a socially responsible company that cares about the community, the environment and doing what's right.

Want to know what makes Plantronics a great place to work? We'll let them tell you...

Sales and Commissions Analyst

"One of the things I like about working at Plantronics is the sense of community, almost a family feeling with mutual trust that everybody does their best to get their job done."

Software Engineer

"I work in the Advanced Technology group. Our software team works closely together on leading edge technologies. It's very exciting!"

Industrial Design Analyst

"At Plantronics we do our own designs internally, a lot of companies outsource. Our offices are very modern and beautiful and fully designed just like a studio. It's a great environment for the designers."

Global Product Manager

"I have been able to advance my career from Financial Analyst to Manager of Budget and Planning and Investor Relations to Controller of Sales and Marketing and then jumped disciplines completely to Global Product Manager of B2B wireless Solutions."

Treasury Analyst

"At Plantronics the Executive Staff don't put themselves up on a platform. They are very accessible; they truly abide by the open door policy. It's easy to have lunch with the CFO, or to pop in and say hi to Ken, our CEO."

Director of Western Regional Sales

"From a sales perspective Plantronics makes it extremely easy to stand in front of a customer or a channel partner when you have quality products you can believe in."

Manager of Mechanical Engineering

"The commute has turned out to be one of the best I've had while working in and around the Silicon Valley. It's consistent and it's scenic! What really makes it worthwhile is knowing that you enjoy working with the people that are here at Plantronics."

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