Over the past 46 years, Plantronics has earned an industry reputation for excellence for its quality products, its people-centered workplace and its ethics. Plantronics customers enjoy a level of service excellence that stands out in the industry. Associates are expected to do what it takes to do right for our customers.

Company Patent Awards

Patent Awards

Employees proudly display patent awards in front of the wall of patents.

Our Company Mission, Vision and Values

Mission– Enhance communications and entertainment
Vision – An evolution of sound experience

We believe that our ability to achieve our mission and vision depends on upholding the five values summarized below:


We show our passion by having a sense of urgency to do things thoroughly and quickly, and by owning our goals and responsibilities. We know that there is always a way and we are determined to find it.


We are committed to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our people so they can enhance their ability to contribute. We always treat people fairly and with respect and we maintain an open door policy to enable any issue to be communicated.

Customer Focus

Understanding and meeting the needs of our customers is how we add value and earn their loyalty. Compromising quality to achieve margin or schedule is not acceptable at Plantronics.


Innovation not only allows us to find better ways to meet our customers’ needs but also to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. We understand it may take hundreds of failures before a breakthrough success is discovered. We will not limit exploration of how people can accomplish objectives, as long as our values and resource constraints are respected.


We seek to align our goals and objectives throughout the organization and build a consensus from all affected parties for our decisions. We communicate information concerning our business broadly so everyone operates with a common understanding. We celebrate teamwork and have fun together.

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