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The Collateral Library

The Plantronics Collateral Library is the place to go to download PDFs of our sales and marketing tools AND order free printed literature.

Here you can find the latest Plantronics materials - catalogs, brochures, product sheets, demand generation tools - most of which can be customized with your logo, contact information and special offers.

To access the site, visit:

The Collateral Library provides you with the ability to:

  • Search for Plantronics collateral
  • Order Plantronics branded printed literature
  • Customize Plantronics materials with your logo, contact info and unique call-to-action
  • Save previously created customized materials
  • Print on demand
  • Download available PDFs and JPEGs

You now have access to an extensive resource of quality, easy-to-use creative tools that can be utilized on demand - 24/7. Check back often to see the latest materials available!

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