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Innovation Showcase
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PLT Labs

Collaborative, innovative thinking that will help bring wearable tech to the next level and make technology personal again

Plantronics has been a wearable tech pioneer for decades – developing personal audio solutions that are worn by millions to communicate. By making advances in on-board sensor technology and exposed APIs, the company has moved the classic headset beyond audio and transformed it into a wearable device platform with possibilities only limited by a developer's imagination.

PLT Labs is a multidisciplinary team. From software down to the bare-bones metal, we're focused on innovation. We're new, but we harness the expertise of the broader engineering teams at Plantronics and the labs they come from.


See how developers are using the Plantronics SDK to make their applications contextually aware by integrating with Plantronics devices.

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Innovations Showcase

Learn how developers are using our API's to create sample applications and user experiences

Wearable Concept 2 – Enterprise Collaboration Integration

Wearable Concept 2 (WC2) is the latest prototype from PLT Labs. Built on the same great platform as Wearable Concept 1, but enhanced with new capabilities for developers to explore. See how WC2 can be used with Kubi, a telepresence robot by Revolve Robotics, to enhance enterprise collaboration by offering a hands free telepresence experience.

MonitorMe – AT&T Mobile

MonitorMe is an application that allows anyone to place a call for help and notify their loved ones if they need help. Using the functionality found in the Wearable Concept 1, this application is able to monitor the amount of steps a person has taken between falls. This helps family members monitor their elders to make sure they are getting around OK. If the wearer has a fall, an automatic message is sent to a predetermined number alerting them of this fact.

Innovations Solutions

Wearables have the potential to change the way companies conduct business by allowing workers, partners and customers to experience simplicity in their work processes and enhance their collaboration experiences. Remote and field employees can access real time data through a variety of mobile and wearable interfaces. Here are some examples where we see potential solutions:

  • Ecommerce: retail, finance, security
  • Enterprise: connected managers, road warriors, employees who work from home
  • Healthcare & Telemedicine
  • Industrial: remote service technician, repairmen, mechanics

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