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Plantronics currently ships direct to consumer only to the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Spain, and Australia.

Service Center Warranty and Repair

At Plantronics, we know continuous product performance is critical for your business or personal use. Protect productivity with our full one- or two-year warranty and replacement policy – so you can concentrate on your busy schedule and customers, not your equipment. If any product fails to perform to the highest standard within warranty, you can request a replacement online.

(Please view our Terms & Conditions)

Global Service Application (GSA)

Make the replacement process even faster. Simply report your problem to Plantronics via GSA, then ship your defective product in exchange for a replacement.

Date Code Explanations

Each Plantronics unit is imprinted with a date code to assist in tracking warranty information. The date code can be found on the plastic housing on the top half of your headset or, if your unit is an over-the-head style, the date code is located under the foam ear cushion. For more information you can contact our technical support at 1-800-544-4660.


Warranties for products last 12 months or 24 months starting from your original date of purchase or according to your products’ Date Code. Please contact our technical support at 1-800-544-4660 for more information.

Replacing Products

We will ship replacement products after reviewing your Warranty Claim and warranty entitlement is confirmed (please note Out Of Warranty products are eligible for replacement via “Premiere Service” at a discounted price subject to availability). We ship replacements at our expense via standard overnight air.

The warranty on these replacement products will last the remainder of the original warranty period or one year if replaced through our Premiere Service.

Online Service Request

Fill out this simple online form to request in-warranty or out-of-warranty service.

International Products

Please note that this warranty applies only to products purchased, used and returned for service in the United States or Canada. If you are outside the U.S. or Canada, please contact your local distributor or direct seller for warranty and service details. You can visit our Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions for more information.

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