Why Headsets?

It’s simple. The way you are working demands one.

The rise in mobile technology, internet communications, WiFi and cloud computing has caused a shift in the way we work and where we work. The office can no longer be defined as a cube and desktop computer. Likewise, communication can no longer be defined as a handheld wired phone. Business professionals like you, are using a combination of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and desk phones to make calls with an anytime anywhere attitude.

Take a look at some of these statistics for a better picture:

  • 50% of employees work outside of the office or remotely
  • 97% of employees carry 2 or more mobile devices; 50% carry 3 or more
  • 400% increase in public Wi-Fi hotspots since 2004

“I do a lot of work over the phone… sometimes I use the whiteboard. I need something that let’s me get up and move around”

– Kevin Dixon, Attorney at the Law Office of Kevin C. Dixon, PLLC

A headset is critical to remain in constant connection to your customers, employees and partners via your assortment of devices. It will give you the ability to switch between them all, hands free and maintain your privacy when you need it. Plantronics has spent the past 50 years fine tuning products to customers varied needs. Let us satisfy your need to unifying your communications and experience pristine audio quality wherever your work day takes you. Let our technology do the work, and our headsets do the heavy lifting.