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APS-1/APS-10/APS-11 (EHS Cable): How to Install on a Siemens Optipoint Phone

This procedure explains how to install the APS-1/APS-10/APS-11 EHS cable, which is compatible with the following Siemens Optipoint phone models:

  • 410 with acoustic adapter
  • 420 with acoustic adapter
  • 500 with acoustic adapter
  • 600 with acoustic adapter


System Requirements

  • HiPath 500 requires Rel. 5.0
  • HiPath 1220 requires Rel. 2.1 build 032
  • HiPath 2000 requires Rel. 1.0
  • HiPath 3000 requires Rel. 4.0 SMR-07
  • HiPath 4000 requires Rel. 1.0

NOTE: EHS is not supported on Siemens Realitis Systems.

Other Requirements

The APS-10 requires an intial "wake up" by pressing the headset button on your phone. This is a one-time requirement unless the phone is disconnected.

To Install the EHS Cable

  1. On your base, set your compatibility switch and speaking and listening volumes to the following:
    SettingCS50/CS55/CS70/CS70N/ CS351N/CS361N
    Cable APS-1
    CS500 Series
    Cable APS-10 or APS-11
    Savi Office/700 Series
    Cable APS-10 or APS-11
    Speaking VolumeB22
    Listening Volume333
     Image of SettingsImage of SettingsImage of Settings
  2. Connect your EHS cable to your phone as follows:

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