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Blackwire 700 Series: How to Pair

The following procedure explains how to pair your Blackwire 700 series headset to your mobile device.


  1. Start by putting your headset into pairing mode. To do so, press and hold your headset's call control button until you see the headset start to flash an alternating red-blue. 
  2. Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone, then use the phone’s settings to add/search/discover new Bluetooth devices.
    • BlackBerry: Settings/options > Bluetooth: On > Search for devices
    • iPhone: Settings > General > Bluetooth > On (this starts the search for devices) 
    • Android: Phone Settings > Wireless > Bluetooth: On > Scan for devices
  3. If prompted by mobile phone, type 0000 as passcode. The mobile talk button will stop flashing when the headset has an active connection with the mobile phone.
  4. While wearing your headset, make a test call from your mobile phone. During an active call, the mobile talk button will flash blue. 
  5. To use mobile phone away from PC, disconnect the USB cable from the inline controller. Note: When a fully charged headset is disconnected from the PC there is enough power to make four to five hours of mobile calls before charging is needed. Reconnect the headset to the PC and the mobile talk button will be solid red when headset is charging and off when fully charged. 
  6. End the call by pressing the mobile talk button. 

For iPhone users, the headset battery level is displayed on the iPhone home screen. The headset must be connected to the iPhone in order to see this.

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