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GameCom 780/788: How to Test Surround Sound

Article ID : 000009173

How do I test the Surround Sound capabilities on my GameCom 780/788?


1. In order to test the surround sound on your GameCom 780/788 headset, first click on the surround sound icon on the task bar to bring up this menu:

User-added image

Note: Be sure the 'Dolby enabled' box is checked so that when you do a sound test, you will be hearing the full capabilities of the surround sound.

2. Then, click Sound Control Panel.

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3. Right-click the GameCom 780/788 and click Configure Speakers.  You will be taken to speaker setup, where you will have the ability to choose what kind of sound you want for your headset, and hear what each option sounds like.  

During all of these tests, you'll be able to test each individual speaker or all of them at once.  You will first have the option of choosing your audio configuration.  Each of these settings includes different sound options. 

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4. You will then be able to customize which speakers you want present in your surround sound configuration.

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5. Next, you will have the option of selecting and testing full-range speakers in your configuration.

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6. Click Finish to apply any changes you've made.

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