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CT11/CT12: How to Adjust the Volume

Article ID : 000001039

How do I adjust the headset volume on the CT11/CT12?


To Adjust the Headset Volume: The remote headset volume settings (Volume Low, Volume Medium, Volume High, and Volume Maximum) can only be adjusted during a call. Use the arrow keys to select the volume setting. When you hang up, the phone keeps the last volume setting selected. Tip: When you press the arrow up key to the maximum volume level or the arrow down key to the lowest volume level, an error tone sounds. To Setup the Ringer Volume:
  1. When the phone is in the standby mode, press MENU/MUTE.
  2. Use the Up/Down arrows to move the pointer to "Ringer Volume", then press SELECT/CH.
  3. Use the Up/Down arrows to move the pointer through the ringer settings (Ringer Off, Ringer Low, or Ringer High). You will hear a ringer or melody at the selected volume.(or does not ring when you select "Ringer Off").
  4. Press SELECT/CH, and you will hear a confirmation tone.
  5. Press END to exit.
Tip: If you select "Ringer Off", (Ringer Off) appears on the display when you make or receive calls, or when charging the remote.

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