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BUA100: How to Pair

Article ID : 000001212

How do I pair the headset to the BUA100 adapter?


NOTE: The headset and USB Bluetooth adapter are paired to each other at the factory. However, if you
have purchased a BUA100 USB Bluetooth adapter separately, or if you wish to use a replacement/different headset
with your existing adapter, the units must be paired.
Power on the headset. Insert the USB Bluetooth adapter in the USB port of your computer. Image
1. Place the headset portion in paring mode (Refer to the headsets user guide for instructions). Image                              2. Pinch the pairing/connect button for at least 2 seconds until adapter flashes red and blue and begin pairing
with your Bluetooth headset.

NOTE: Take caution when manually pairing the USB adapter. Do not press hard. Please “pinch”
with both fingers rather than push on the adapter to avoid damage to the adapter or USB port.
See documents below for images of how the BUA100 displays in various Operating systems. NOTE: Once the Adapter is installed on the computer, you may need to select the headset as the default device to use within the computer.

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