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Voyager Pro Series: How to Change the Eartip

Article ID : 000001386

How do I change the eartip on my Voyager Pro/Voyager Pro+/Voyager Pro UC?


To remove the eartip:
  1. Gently push the eartip into the speaker housing (A), and then rotate it a quarter turn to the left to unlock (B).
  2. Pull the eartip away from the headset.
Illustration of how to remove the Voyager Pro eartip
To install the eartip:
  1. Align the tabs on the eartip with the slots on the speaker housing.
  2. Gently push the eartip into housing while turning it a quarter turn to the right. The eartip will stop rotating when it is locked.
  3. Optional: Fit the foam ear cushion over the ear tip to provide additional comfort.
Illustration of how to install the Voyager Pro eartip
Where to buy replacement eartips:
You can purchase replacement eartips on our  website or from one of our distributors.

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