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CS70/CS70N: How to Use the Headset

Article ID : 000001404

How to Use Your CS70/CS70N Headset


To: Do this:
Answer a call Tap the call control button once
End a call Tap the call control button once
Increase the volume Tap the + button
Decrease the volume Tap the - button
Mute/unmute a call Press the - button for 3 seconds, until you hear 3 tones. You will continue to hear the tones every 15 seconds until you unmute.
Charge the headset Place in the charging cradle. Note: You will hear 1 tone every 10 seconds when the battery is low.
Tip: If you move the headset out of range of the base unit while you're on a call, you will hear 2 tones. Be sure to move closer to the base.

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