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SupraPlus (CS351/CS361): How to Answer a Call on the Headset

Article ID : 000001420

Using Your Wireless Office Headset to Remotely Answer Calls


In order to remotely answer a call with your wireless headset, you need a handset lifter accessory.* The handset lifter enables you to remotely pick up the hand receiver by pressing the call control button on the headset when you recieve an incoming call. You need either a Model HL1 or HL10 handset lifter, depending on the shape of your phone. If your phone has a curved edge on the left, or if your phone is set at an extreme angle, you will need an HL1. The HL10 needs a flat edge for placement. TIP: Make sure the wireless unit (not the lifter) is connected via a handset port on the phone and not a headset port. For purchasing information, click here. For more information on handset lifters, click  here. HL10: HL1: * The lifter only lifts the handset. If your phone requires you to press a button to receive a call, you will still have to do so.

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