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.Audio 910: How to Install PerSonoCall Software

How do I install the PerSonoCall software?


PerSonoCall software provides these additional headset features:


  • Windows XP and Vista
  • Windows 7 (not yet fully tested)
  • Skype calling for Mac OS 10.4 to 10.5.6 only
  • Not compatible with Mac

To install PerSonoCall:

Step 1: Install PerSonoCall

  1. Install PerSonoCall.
  2. Once installed, a headset icon should appear in the icon tray.

Click here to learn more about PerSonoCall's screens.

Step 2: Install the Softphone and Set the Default Audio Device

  1. Install a compatible soft phone. Click here to view compatible soft phones.
  2. Select Plantronics as the default audio device and test.

Common Issues:

  • If the red X does not disappear from the headset icon when the Plantronics device is installed, try restarting the computer and/or plugging into a different USB port.
  • Most compatible softphones appear in the Softphone Status box on the Current Status tab in PerSonoCall. If your softphone does not appear there or is listed in the PerSonoCall Softphone Compatibility Table, PerSonoCall will not work.
  • The 1720 Error is a common Windows error message. The 1720 Error can sometimes be caused by a hung program running in the background or, more commonly, a corrupted registry file. Use CTRL+ALT+DEL to open the Windows Task Manager. If any program is listed as "Not Responding," select it, and then click the End Task button. Next, uninstall PerSonoCall, and restart your computer. Finally, reinstall PerSonoCall.
  • Softphone vendors Counterpath (Eyebeam 1.5) and Nortel (IP2050) have incorporated PerSonoCall features directly into their softphones. To enable these features, install PerSonoCall, but do not run it. Your should not see the headset icon in your system tray.
  • If the problem continues, please contact our Technical Assistance Center.

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