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T20: How to Install

Article ID : 000001028

How do I install my T20 Headset Telephone?


The T20 can be connected to 2 separate telephone lines.   1) Connect the AC power adapter to the T20.  Plug the other end into a wall outlet.

2) Connect the T20 to the telephone line in your wall.
  • If the jack is dual-line, connect the dual-line cord (with the white tag) to the T20's Telephone Line 1/2 jack.
  • If each line is a separate jack, connect one of the wall cords to the T20's Dual-line jack and the other to the Line 2 jack.

3) Set the Tone/Pulse switch (touch-tone phones can use tone).
4) Set the Ringer Volume Control for incoming calls to your preferred level.

5) Plug the headset into the T20's Headset Jack.

6) For most U.S. customers, the  flash timing switch (for call waiting) should be set to "3. ” However, trying other settings will not harm the T20 or your phone line.   Please see the User's Guide below for more information.

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