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Voyager 510-USB: How to Use the PerSonoCall Software

Voyager 510-USB: How to Use PerSonoCall Software


Locking the Radio Link On and Listening to Music from Your PC


When using PerSonoCall, the radio link between the headset and the USB Bluetooth adapter will only be active during a call. This is the default setting intended to preserve the battery life of the headset. However, you may wish to have the radio link active when not on a call so you can listen to other audio sources, such as streaming audio on your PC. You can lock the radio link on in two ways:


Right click on the PerSonoCall icon at the bottom of your screen and choose “Options”. This will bring up the PerSonoCall Basic Options and Current Status Screens.


• Basic Options screen – check the box for "Lock headset radio link on".




• Right click on system tray icon – and choose "Lock radio link on".


NOTE: Locking the radio link on for extended periods of time will significantly reduce the standby and talk time of the headset.




To make a call


Press the call control button to take the softphone off hook. You should hear a dial tone. 


To answer or end a call, briefly press the call control button.






To make a call on your Bluetooth phone, enter the number on your phone.  Then press send, and the call will automatically be transferred to your headset.  In this case, you do not need to press the call control button

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