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CS Wireless Headset Systems: Reset vs. Resubscription

What is the difference between a Reset and Re subscription Procedure?


The System Reset primarily concerns just the headpiece; pressing mute and call control, then call control actually resets the headpiece. The user guide instructions include unplugging and plugging in the base power so it becomes a “system” process.


The Subscription process (or re-subscription) is similar to Bluetooth pairing where you are introducing the base and headpiece to each other to work together.  


Re subscription is also known as Multi-Shift Paring


These procedures are for the following models...


CS50/CS55  instructions for  Reset or Re subscription

CS50-USB  instructions for  Reset or Re subscription

CS70  instructions for  Reset or Re subscription

510S  instructions for  Resetor  Re subscription

SPW (Supra Plus Wireless) instructions for Reset or Re subscription / Multi Shift Pairing

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