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MX10: How to Install

This procedure describes how to install your MX10.


To install your MX10:

  1. Your MX10 will need a source of power. Either plug in the AC power supply (recommended) or install two AA batteries.
  2. Unplug your telephone's handset cord from the telephone base, then plug it into the handset jack on your MX10.
  3. Connect your telephone base to the MX10 by plugging one end of the short curly cord provided into the telephone jack on the MX10 and the other end into your telephone's handset jack.
  4. Connect the headset cord to the Quick Disconnect cable connected to the front of the MX10.
  5. Connect to an audio device by plugging the single-jack end of the audio device cable to the external audio device jack on the back of the MX10. Plug the dual end of the cable into the audio device, matching the icons.

Your setup should look as follows:

Phone Only:

Image of the proper setup of the MX10 with a phone and computer

Phone and Computer:

Image of the proper setup of the MX10 with a phone and computer

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