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Marque M155 Product Tour

Image of the M155

1 - Call Button

  • Answer and end calls (1 tap)
  • Initiate voice dialing on your phone (2 taps)
  • Initiate pairing after the first time (press and hold)

2 - Power Switch

  • Green = On

3 - Charging Port

  • 2 hours for full charge

4 - Volume/Mute Button

  • Tap the button to increase volume. After reaching the highest setting, if you tap again, it will drop o the lowest setting.
  • Press for 1 second to mute and unmute

5 - Indicator Light

  • 3 red flashes when powering on = Low battery
  • Red and white flashes = Pairing mode
  • Solid red light while charging = Charging
  • No light while charging = Fully charged

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