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Pulsar 590/590A: Headset Controls

Below is a list of all of the controls featured on the Pulsar 590/590A headset.



Key FeatureAction Tone 
ending calls 
Short key pressHigh tone
 ImageSwitching an active call from headset to phone or phone to headset Long key pressHigh tone followed by low tone
 ImagePower On/OffSlide switchNo tone
 ImageTrack forward
and back*
Short press to skip to
next track or to go
back to previous track
High tone
 ImageMute call/audioShort press to mute/unmute telescoping voice tube or audio soundRepeating low tone every 60 seconds
 ImagePlay and pauseShort press to pause/
resume audio
High tone
 ImageAdjusting volumeShort press for incremental change, hold for continuous changeMid tone for each adjustment, double low tone at limit

*Only works if Bluetooth device supports Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): Does not work when using universal adaptor.

Hands-Free Features



KeyFeature Action Tone 
ImageActivate last
number redial 
Double short key pressHigh tone for each key press
voice dial
Long key pressHigh tone followed by low tone
 ImageCall rejectLong key pressHigh tone followed by low tone

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