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CT14: Flash Timing

Article ID : 000005775
The default value when you press the Flash button on CT14 is:
  • 300ms in USA and Canada
  • 100ms in Mexico
To change the flash time:
  1. Power on the base and handset. Make sure the two are connected with each other.
  2. Press and hold the "END", "MENU" and “9" keys until you hear a beep, then release the three keys.
  3. Press the MENU key.
  4. Select GLOBAL SETUP, and then press SEL.
  5. Select FLASH TIME, and then press SEL.
  6. Select the preferred flash time (600ms, 100ms, 300ms, or 400ms), and then press SEL.
  7. Press END to exit.
TIP: If you need to access this menu again, unplug the battery from the remote for 10 sec., and then repeat the procedure.  

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