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K100 Speakerphone Voice Alerts


What You'll HearWhen You'll Hear It
Power OnAfter pressing the Mulitfunction button for 3-4 seconds
Power OffAfter pressing the Mulitfunction button for 3-4 seconds
Battery LowWhen you have less than an hour left before you must recharge the battery
PairingWhile the headset is in pairing/discoverable mode
Pairing SuccessfulAfter the phone paired successfully to the headset
Pairing Incomplete, Restart HeadsetAfter the phone failed to pair with the headset
ConnectedAfter turning the headset on or reconnecting a dropped Bluetooth signal
Lost ConnectionWhen the phone loses the Bluetooth connection with the headset
Call TerminatedAfter ending a call or when using the call back feature through visual voice mail
Volume MaximumAfter you reach the highest volume level
Mute OnAfter pressing the mute button during a call
Mute OffAfter pressing the mute button while on mute during a call
FM On Channel xx.xAfter tapping the FM button, FM transmission turns on and the voice announces the current station it is using
FM Channel xx.xAfter pressing and holding the FM button, the voice announces the channel it now uses
FM OffAfter tapping the FM button to turn transmission off


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