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.Audio DSP 200/400/500 Features

This table reflects the features and specifications for models DSP-200, DSP-400, and DSP-500.

Full Range Stereo
Volume Control
Noise-Cancelling Microphone
Microphone Mute Switch
Foldable Headband  
USB Compatible


Speaker Driver Size (Diameter)40mm28mm28mm
Speaker Sensitivity (dBPa/V)342727
Speaker Frequency Response (Hz–kHz)20-2020-2060-16
Speaker Impedance (Ohms)283224
Microphone Sensitivity (dBV/Pa ±5dB)-38-38-38
Microphone Type (Unidirectional)ElectretElectretElectret
Microphone Impedance (Ohms)3k3k3k
Microphone Frequency Response (Hz–kHz)100-10100-10100-10
Cable Length3.0 M3.0 M3.0 M

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