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GameCom 367/377/777 Product Features and Specifications

The tables below reflect the product features and specifications for GameCom models 367, 377, and 777 7.1.

 FeaturesGameCom 367 GameCom 377 GameCom
777 7.1
Full Range Stereo • • 
Dolby© Surround Sound  • 
Noise-Cancelling Mic• • 
Hide-Away Mic Boom
Adjustable Boom
Volume/Mute Control• 



SpecificationsGameCom 367 GameCom 377 GameCom 777 7.1 
Closed Ear/Open EarClosed Ear Open Ear Open Ear 
TechnologyAnalog Analog Analog/USB 
Wearing StyleOver-the-Head Over-the-Head Over-the-Head 
Works WithPC PC PC, Mac 

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