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.Audio 400 DSP Product Information

General Information

Features and Specifications

  • Foldable for storage and transport
  • Digital Signal Processor provides full range digital audio
  • Digitally-enhanced full-range stereo sound
  • PerSono Audio Control Software for easy control of all your audio needs
  • Ultra-sensitive digitally enhanced noise-canceling microphone
  • QuickAdjust microphone boom enables you to position the microphone for uniform performance and higher accuracy
  • Digital Signal Processing:
    • 5 channel 16-bit, 48kHz data from USB
    • 24 bit, 100dB signal-to-noise CODEC
    • 32 bit digital audio processing. 
  • Headphone Output:
    • 2 channel 48kHz output to headphone
    • Headphone gain stage >80dB range
    • Preset digital EQ-6 bands/channel (stereo)
    • Bass, treble, balance and volume controls
    • 80Hz-12kHz speaker frequency response
    • 28mm speaker diameter
  • Microphone Input:
    • Mono, 16 bit, 48kHz data
    • Preset digital EX-6 bands mono
    • Mic gain stage >50dB range
    • Up to25dB noise rejection (hypercardiod response)
    • 100Hz-10kHz frequency response
    • Electret condenser microphone with –38dVB/Pa sensitivity
  • Ear cushion: 4mm foam
  • Cable length: 10 feet (3 meters)
  • Connection: USB

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 Second Edition/Windows 2000:
    • Pentium II 166 Mhz or equivalent
    • 10 MB free disk space
    • Windows 98: 16 MB RAM; Windows 2000: 32 MB RAM
    • SVGA Monitor
    • CD-Rom
    • USB port
  • Mac:
    • Mac OS 9.0.4 or higher
    • PowerPC 604 or better

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