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S20 Spares and Accessories

Article ID : 000006358
The hyperlinked items below are available for purchase on our website. Also, all spares and accessories can be purchased through our distributors.
  • 47249-01 - AC adapter
  • 46657-01 - On-Line Indicator (OLI) light
  • 46429-01 - Extension cord for the OLI (image)
  • 26716-01 - Headset-to-amplifier connection cable - Quick Disconnect (QD) to RJ9 modular connection (image)
  • 27019-03 - Y-adapter training cable connects two headsets to the amplifier - two QD connections to one RJ9 modular connection (image)
  • 29733-01 - QD lock (image)
  • 40702-01 - Lightweight coiled headset-to-amplifier connection cable - QD connection with QD lock to RJ9 modular connection
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