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DA Series Quick Disconnect (QD)-to-USB Cable Product Information

Image of the DA45 quick disconnect cable

General Information

Features and Specifications

  • Enables you to connect your H series or Polaris headset to your computer
  • Echo suppression in DA55 and DA60
  • Inline mute and volume control (only for the DA60)
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) in DA55 and DA60
  • Weight:
    • DA60: 5.8oz (164.43g)
    • DA55: 5.0oz (141.75g)
    • DA40: 2.4oz (68.03g)

What's in the Box

Product Numbers and Variants

  • 71800-11 - DA40
  • 77559-14 - DA45
  • 61334-01 - DA50 (discontinued)
  • 63725-03 - DA55
  • 66037-01 - DA55 to DA60 upgrade kit (cable and PerSono Pro software)
  • 63725-01 - DA60 with PerSono Pro 2.0 software

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