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Bluetooth Headsets: Talk Time

All of the Bluetooth headsets listed below use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last for up to 500 charging cycles.  These batteries are built into the units and cannot be replaced.

This table reflects our products and how long each will last on a full charge.

ProductHours of
Talk Time
Hours of Talk Time with AAA Charger
Backbeat 903+, 903, 9067 
Explorer 320, 330, 340, 3508 
Discovery 610, 640515
Discovery 645, 655, 6653-3.59-10
Discovery 925, 9755 
Pulsar 26012 (10 listening) 
Pulsar 590A and 590E12 (10 listening) 
Voyager 5106 
Voyager 520, 815, 8555 
Voyager Pro Series6 

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