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Plug Prong Connectors

Article ID : 000005193
It depends on which type of headset you will be using. The  Plantronics Spare part called an Adapter, Plug Amp, Spare #18709-01. allows you to use modular headsets (and wireless systems) with a plug prong phone. The  P10 amplifier allows you to use a Quick Disconnect (QD) headset, such as the  H-series headsets, with a plug prong phone. The  P10/2250 (formerly SHS1761-12) amplifier is a modified version of the P10 amplifier that is used only on the Meridian 2250 console.   H-series headsets are the only headsets compatible with the P10/2250. Click the name of the product to view pictures and details. Always check the  compatibility guide first to see which item your telephone requires.  

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