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Savi W730 Spares and Accessories

The hyperlinked items below are available for purchase on our website. Also, all spares and accessories can be purchased through our distributors.

  • 72913-01 - Set of 5 ear tips; 3 of which are gel tips
  • 81423-01 - AC power supply with straight plug
  • 82905-11 - Over-the-ear headset and charge cradle
  • 83769-11 - Charging cradle
  • 86009-01 - Telephone interface cable (connects base and phone)
  • 86658-01 - USB cable (connects base and computer)
  • 80287-01 - On-line indicator light with straight plug
  • 84609-01 - Charge base for 5 units (includes AC power supply)
  • 86005-01 - Charge base for single unit (includes AC power supply)
  • 60961-35 - HL10 handset lifter

Savi EHS Cables

Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) cables communicate electronically with the phone and enable you to answer and end your calls using the call control button on your headset.

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