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Spokes for Windows Release Notes

Article ID : 000010471
Version 2.8.3
October 6, 2014: Spokes for Windows version 2.8.3

What's New
  • Support for Avaya one-X Communicator Extension-to-Cellular feature 
Resolved Issues
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Wireless headsets: PC link was being left in Hold mode after the call is dismissed from the far-end when Audio-Sensing is enabled
  • Savi 7xx series: Could not create SessionComManager when Savi 7XX USDN line is open.
Version 2.8.2
November 4, 2013: Spokes for Windows version 2.8.2

Resolved Issues
  • Spokes 2.8.2: Correction to allow proper operation with third-party software
  • Spokes 2.8.2: Lync 2013 now attaches properly to Spokes
Version 2.8.1
October 16, 2013: Spokes for Windows version 2.8.1

What's New
  • Support for:
    • Blackwire C315, C315-M, C325, and C325-M
    • Avaya Aura Agent Desktop (AAAD)
  • G616 acoustic shock protection for Blackwire 700 Series
  • Updates for Blackwire 500 and Blackwire 300 series
Resolved Issues
  • Spokes 2.8.1: Unable to uninstall/upgrade NEC Univerge SP350 unless Spokes process is terminated in Spokes 2.8
  • Spokes 2.8.1: Memory Leak occurs in Spokes when NEC softphone client cannot connect to server (specific to NEC Univerge SP350 version 5.2)
Version 2.8
March 5, 2013: Spokes for Windows version 2.8 What's New Support for the:
  • Blackwire 500 Series
Resolved Issues
  • Blackwire headsets: Call not always answered when headset is donned
  • Blackwire headsets: The Call Answer/End LED remains lit after call is answered
  • Blackwire headsets: If a call is ended through the Lync interface, the next time user gets a call the Call Answer/End button will need to be pressed twice in order to answer
  • Blackwire 400 Series, 600 Series, DA40, DA45: Single key press to answer Lync call rejects an incoming call when a pre-existing dial tone is present
  • Blackwire 700 Series: Shows a message that says ‘feature not supported’ and then crashes once receiving caller ID data from the headset
  • Calisto P240-M: Call cancel using NEC SP350 (v5.1)
  • Calisto P620: Base firmware version not shown in Plantronics Control Panel
  • Calisto P620: Incoming call not successfully muted immediately after the call is answered
  • Lync 2013: No Savi radio frequency link on outbound call
  • Lync 2013: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • Plantronics Control Panel: should not indicate a softphone module is enabled and running if the attach fails
  • Plantronics Update Manager: German translation not readily understandable
  • Plantronics Update Manager: Update Manager crashes when About dialogue is opened twice
  • Plantronics Update Manager: Translated label needs to be modified for clarification
  • Savi Office and Skype: A Skype conference call will start in a hold state at the WO2 base if there is already an active call
  • Skype and Lync: When active mobile call is terminated and both Skype and Lync are running, the presence state is not updated in Skype
  • Spokes: Add a dialogue that offers to view the release notes for the software update
  • Spokes 2.8: Remove reference to Voyager Pro in Help
  • Voyager Legend, Blackwire 500 Series, and Blackwire 700 Series: Presence setting does not actually reflect the softphone status
  • Voyager Legend: Regression: Different Battery status in PBS application tool tip and Moorea HS Voice Prompt
  • Voyager Legend: User guide not available
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230/B230-M) and Voyager Legend UC (B235/B235-M): Audio link stays open after Avaya call is terminated
NOTE: Many additional issues that do not impact customers were also identified and fixed. Known Issues  
Version 2.7
September 21, 2012: Spokes for Windows version 2.7 What's New Support for the:
  • Calisto 620
  • Blackwire 700 Series 
  • Voyager Legend UC
Resolved Issues
  • Spokes Installer: When performing a custom installation, 11 application names were missing on the Application tab
  • Spokes Installer: Tab order on the "End User License Agreement" window
  • Spokes Installer on Windows Vista 32-bit: Failed to load the "Rest" plugin when changing the installation location when upgrading from v2.5.50537.0 to 2.6.53093.0
  • Plantronics Control Panel: Ring Both Headset and PC setting on the Preferences tab didn't work as expected
  • Plantronics Control Panel: Make the Set Default Softphone option available regardless of the device
  • Blackwire 300 series and Blackwire C435 with Microsoft Lync: Call drops with a single key press after receiving an incoming call when USB was disconnected on the previous call
  • Blackwire 300 series and Calisto 800 series: Maintain Headset to PC Link option was not updating after plugging in a headset
  • Blackwire C720 with NEC SP350: The "Escalate IM to Voice for" function was not working
  • Calisto 240: Update Manager crashes after successful firmware update
  • Calisto 620 Update Manager: Retry of firmaware upgrade after “too many devices connected” message left Update Manager in stuck state
  • CIPC: Added Make call and DTMF tone capability for display purposes
  • Savi 400 series with firmware v117: An incoming Lync call was rejected with a single key press if the link was already open prior to the call
  • Savi 400 series: In Plantronics Control Panel, the Restore Defaults button on the Advanced tab was greyed out
  • Savi 700 series: Mobile call state change does not change presence in Skype or Lync
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230) and Calisto 620: Loss of call control after returning from sleep mode
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230) and Calisto 620: Call not resumed after being on hold in Lync
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230), Calisto 800 series, and Calisto 620: Not able to end a call that was made using the Call This Person's Computer option in the softphone
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230), Calisto 800 series, and Calisto 620: Audio remains muted when ending muted call that was made while music was playing on the PC
  • Voyager Pro UC (B230) and Voyager Legend UC: Single key press does not open audio link after leaving PC in Sleep Mode
NOTE: Many additional issues that do not impact customers were also identified and fixed. Known Issues

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