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CS500 Series Troubleshooting: Talk Time Degraded

Article ID : 000007836


What should I do if the talk time of my headset is significantly degraded even after a full recharge?


If the talk time on your CS500 headset is too short:
  1. Check your wideband/narrowband switch on the back of your base (see image below). It takes more power to operate in wideband mode, so talk time will decrease by 3-4 hours in this mode. Try switching to narrowband mode to see if talk time increases.
    Red = Narrowband
    Green = Wideband
    Image of the CS500 series wideband/narrowband switch
  2. If you are operating in narrowband mode and you still experience short talk time, the battery in the headset may be wearing out.  If your headset is under warranty, Plantronics can replace your battery.  Contact the Plantronics Technical Assistance Center for replacement information. If your headset is out of warranty, you can purchase a replacement battery from one of our distributors.

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