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Computer Headset Troubleshooting: USB headset stops working after a period of inactivity

Article ID : 000006792


Sometimes my headset stops working when it's been plugged into the USB port for awhile. What can I do to fix this?


Issue: Your USB headset or other audio device appears to be dead after a period of inactivity. Cause: Your computer's USB port goes into sleep mode after a period of inactivity. Resolution 1: Unplug the headset from the USB port, and then plug it back in. Resolution 2: Disable USB port sleep mode. To do so:
  1. Plug your Plantronics USB device into your computer.
  2. Open Device Manager by clicking Start > Control Panel > Device Manager (if you're in small icon view).
  3. From the View menu, select Devices by connection. Your view should look similar to the following:

    Image of the Device Manager
  4. Expand ACPI PC, then Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System, and finally PCI bus (see above).
  5. Expand one of the Host Controller devices, then USB Root Hub, then Generic USB Hub, and finally USB Composite Device.
  6. If your Plantronics product is not listed, repeat Step 4 with the next Host Controller device. If your Plantronics product is listed, then go back up and right-click USB Root Hub, and then click Properties. The USB Root Hub Properties window appears.
  7. Click the Power Management tab.

  8. Clear the "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" check box (see above).
  9. Click OK to save your changes.
Important: This procedure only affects the USB port to which your Plantronics device is currently connected. If you want to use the device in a different USB port, you will have to repeat the procedure.

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