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Voyager 510S/510SL/510SL+: Warning alerts


Warning Alerts


Out-of-Range Warning

As you walk away from the base unit you will eventually reach the system operating range limit.

The system will issue audible warnings at the operating limit.

If not on a call:

  • One low tone when edge of range reached.
  • One high tone when back in range.

If on a call:

  • One low tone when edge of range reached.
  • One high tone followed by a triple tone when back in range.

On hearing the edge of range alert you should walk closer to the base unit to ensure call quality is maintained. If you stray out of range any active call will be suspended. The call will be re-established on walking back in range.

If you remain out of range for more than 10 minutes the system will drop the call permanently.

If using a Plantronics Handset Lifter the handset will be replaced and the call terminated.

Low Battery Warning

When the headset battery is running low, an audible warning will be heard through the headset as a single beep repeating every 20 seconds.

The headset Status Indicator will also flash red when the battery needs to be recharged. You should charge the headset immediately.

Mute Active Warning

There will be an audible tone every 15 seconds when mute is engaged.

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